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7 Air Purification Ideas

Did you know indoor air can be two to five times worse than outside air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. PDM...
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Benefits of Tankless Water Heater

Time for a tankless water heater? We fill up big 40, 50, 75-gallon water heater storage tank, then pour energy...
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Smart Toilet Cleansing Seat

Cleaner, fresher feeling and no more toilet paper Few household comforts have changed less in the last 135 years than...
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Water Softener Joliet Metro

WHAT IS HARD WATER? Hard water is more than an irritation. As the areas oldest water filtration and water softener...
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Hot Water Heater Problems Gas & Electric

Hot Water Heater Problem Advice Since 1885 If you're like most people, as long as the heater is delivering hot...
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Best air purifying

Breathe easier, improve indoor air quality Protect you and your family's health with one of the best air purifying device...
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Sump Pump Solutions

Industrial-grade sump pump technology to the residential market with the PHCC Pro Series industrial-grade pumps. PDM Announces New Sump Pump...
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How to drain and flush water heater

Be careful when flushing hot water heater Good idea to learn how to drain and flush water heater. If you...
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HVAC Clean & Check: 5 Unhealthy Bugs In Your System

HVAC tune-up can stop trouble before it begins. Dust is a hodgepodge of contaminants circulating in your air ducts and HVAC...
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Coronavirus Pandemic Message

A Coronavirus Message from the Chairman, Rudy Mahalik We are in unprecedented times here in our great nation, state and...
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