What is dust?air-duct-cleaning

While dirty air ducts may not mean unhealthy air, the dust that floats in the air and accumulates is made of a hodgepodge of things. A few things you breathe include bits of human skin, insects, fabric fibers, food particles and more. Learn more about the value of air duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning is a forgotten way to fight allergies.

Sure you can take medicine to alleviate allergy symptoms. But a surprising way to fight the source of allergies is air duct cleaning. Allergens and dust impurities come into your home everyday and then gets recirculated every time your furnace-ac runs.

Even if you don’t suffer from congestion, headaches, coughing, watery eyes, you can choose to have your family breathe cleaner air. Making you comfortable is our job…and we can help you breathe easier, sleep better by cleaning your air ducts with powerful super vac duct cleaning equipment. Have the PDM Clean Team scrub your ducts to remove allergen and dust build-up. Call 815-207-4111.