AC OpenWe sometimes visit and find a simple fix that you can do.

  • Is the thermostat set to COOL?
  • Is the temperature lower than room temperature?
  • Turn thermostat OFF, wait 1 minute then turn ON.
  • Check to see if the electrical breaker is tripped.
  • Check for closed or obstructed registers.
  • Check for dirty furnace air filter. 
  • Make sure the furnace air filter door is closed tightly. If not, a safety feature may automatically prevent furnace fan from running.

Not enough cold air coming from register.

  • Check your air filter. If it looks like a gray furry cat time to replace. A dirty furnace air filter can reduce airflow 60%, increase utility bills and cause costly breakdowns.
  • If the air filter is ok you may have a faulty air movement protection system. Could be dirty or needs to be replaced. Call PDM Cooling specialists for trusted help since 1885.

No air is blowing at all.

  • Usually suggests an air movement system fault.
  • Possibly the indoor blower isn’t working or the outside unit is dirty or weeds restrict airflow.
  • Or you may have a refrigerant transfer system problem.

AC constantly runs all the time.

  • Your thermostat could be the problem, both the setting (recheck setting) and the mechanical side (may need to be replaced).
  • Refrigerant transfer system problem.
  • Or a dirty system; check for a dirty air filter, clean outdoor unit of weeds and dirt.

Air conditioning system refrigerant lines are freezing up or covered in ice.

  • AC refrigerant line is covered in ice—which seems crazy on a hot day.
  • Freezing generally has to do with blocked or low air flow or refrigerant problem and can severely damage your AC system if it keeps freezing a number of times.
  • Chances are your inside evaporator coil is frozen solid.
  • DO THIS NOW. Turn the thermostat AC/COOL system OFF and turn the FAN ON to help defrost the unit. This helps to unfreeze the coil and prevent damage to the expensive compressor.
  • There are a number of possible causes. Begin by checking your air filter. If it looks like a gray cat  then replace or try to clean, last resort is to remove the filter temporarily. Next make sure your duct air registers and return line are open and not blocked by drapes or furniture.
  • If your air ducts are dirty it’s a good idea to have them scrubbed clean.
  • You may need professional help to stop your AC from freezing up. Call PDM Cooling for reliable help.

My home AC is not cooling properly.

  • If you feel the air from your vent is not cool, this usually means the outdoor unit stopped running.
  • There might be a frozen line between your fan and compressor.
  • Or even a dirty air filter.

Call PDM Cooling specialists for trusted help since 1885.