Dirty Plainfield Furnace Air Filter Wastes Energy Up to 30 percent of commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems energy is lost to waste according to the US Dept. of Energy.

Reducing energy consumption is a goal of most businesses. Many of the steps to improve sustainability and reduce costs require small expense. And many steps are simple and have a good return on investment. Here are four HVAC energy saving tips.

1. Change air filters regularly and cut wasted energy 5 to 10%.

Dirty filters can restrict air flow by 65%, stress equipment, increase repairs and lead to poor indoor air quality. Change air filter monthly or at most every three months.

2. Programmable thermostat can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Setting back the thermostat automatically when your business is closed saves energy. Programmable thermostat can pay for itself.

3. HVAC maintenance can lower energy and repair costs.

Commercial HVAC maintenance is like getting a tune-up for a car – both are necessary for top performance. Regular quality HVAC maintenance ensures your system is set to factory specs for optimal performance. But the key is to finding a quality HVAC company. PDM will maintain your system the right way, not the easy way.

4. Air duct leak can waste 20% or more of energy.

Properly sealing ducts can cut wasted energy fast.  And insulate ducts in unheated/cooled spaces.

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