ventilationVentilation – Good Air In, Bad Air Out

Ventilating a home by opening doors and windows may not always be feasible due to security reasons or outdoor noise levels, rain, snow or weather conditions. Energy Recovery Ventilator allows a quiet, energy efficient way to exchange stale, unhealthy indoor air for fresh, outside air throughout your entire home in an energy-efficient way 365 days a year.

What is the main benefit of an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)?

An ERV constantly supplies fresh air to provide a healthy indoor environment by reducing odors and/or indoor pollutants, such as radon, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, nitrogen dioxides, carbon monoxide and pesticides.

How does the Energy Recovery Ventilator work.

Energy Recovery Ventilator is an efficient way of exchanging the air inside your home with fresh outdoor air. In winter months, the heat of indoor air warms incoming cold fresh air, recovering approximately 77% of the energy.

In the summer, warm fresh air passes near outgoing conditioned air, cooling it down. At no time do the stale and fresh air streams mix, instead they pass each other separated by thin walls that allow only the air’s energy to transfer, cutting your heating and cooling bills.

Whole home ventilation attic fan is seasonal less costly option and can replace all the stale air in your home quickly with fresh outdoor air.

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