PDM washing machine water hoses

Be safe. Change your washing machine hoses every five years


Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims?

Nearly 73% is from wind, hail, fire and lightning damage. #3 is water damage & freezing. And one big source are burst washing machine water hoses. Sump pump problems are another source of flooding. Make sure you maintain your pump annually. PDM will test your sump pump motor to determine its remaining life.

Why do washing machine hoses burst?

Your washing machine water hoses handle thousands of gallons of water, with lots of temperature swings, water pressure and jarring movement. They can become brittle, form leaks, or burst. Eventually, the water pressure will break the hose or the connection forcing water out at full pressure.

Water will pour out from a break like this at approximately 650 gallons per hour. If you’re doing the math that’s 6 gallons per minute. It will run until you discover the leak and turn off the water.

Inspect water hoses.

  • Damaged Hoses – look for blisters, bubbles, cracks, discoloration or any signs that the hoses are unraveling. If you see any of these signs replace right away.
  • Leaks – Look for moisture at the connections, and signs of leaks like rust or discoloration. If you see any of these leaks you should replace the hoses to prevent a burst hose.
  • Positioning – Look for kinks and crimps
  • Rubber washing machine hoses should be replaced with stainless steel braided hoses.

Insurance companies recommend changing hoses every five years to avoid a mess.

PDM Plumbing can help with steel braided washing machine water hoses and even offer safety valves that automatically shuts off water. Let us know if we can help. Call 815-726-6264. Serving greater Bolingbrook, Homer Glen, Joliet, New Lenox, Plainfield, IL areas since 1885.