What not to flush down the toilerFirst of all few items should be flushed down the toilet. Rather than using the toilet as a garbage can, simply use it for human waste. You’ll avoid a headache and save by doing so. Here are some items we recommend not flushing down the toilet.

Bathroom wipes (baby wipes too) are not toilet paper.

Even though the packaging says you can flush the thick wipes we advise not to flush down the toilet. Wipes do not break down easily and cause problems in sewer drain lines and septic systems. Plus there are many lawsuits by city sanitation across the country currently going on.

Cotton swabs, balls, bandaids, floss.

These items do not break down and attract other items making a potential mess for clogged pipes.

Tissues, napkins, paper towels.

Another no-no as they are designed to hold up during use. It’s only a matter of time that they can cause slow drains.

Feminine hygiene products.

It certainly makes sense not to risk a drain blockage with these well constructed items.

Similarly Condoms.

This latex product does not work well with septic tanks and city sewer treatment facilities.

Diapers, cat litter.

Plastics and cotton, which make up some of diapers, are terrible when it comes to pipes. Cat litter can be made of clay and sand which means drain troubles. Plus, cat poop contains parasites and bacteria harmful to marine life as it goes the the treatment system and into rivers.

Prescription drugs, medications.

Because drugs contaminate ground water and cause problems for wildlife and good bacteria.  which keeps life going.

Cigarettes, oil, fat.

Toxic chemicals can contaminate our water supply. Likewise fats, oil solidify becoming pipe clogging wax. Do your pipes a favor and use the garbage can instead.

What do you flush down the toilet?

For the reasons that we mentioned above a safe bet is use the toilet for human waste only. If you need drain cleaning help, PDM plumbers will go the extra mile to get your drains flowing in the right direction fast. Or toilet repairs or replacement call 815-726-6264 for the experience and proper tools.


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