Improve Health & Lower Heating Bills With A Home Humidifier

Whole Home Humidifiers are Energy Efficient for Households

Are you ready for a dry, cold winter? A whole-home humidifier improves indoor air quality by controlling humidity levels and lowering heating costs.

Heating and air conditioning systems do more than control interior temperatures. They also dry out the air to uncomfortable and unhealthy levels. The solution could be as easy as installing a whole house humidifier in Illinois.

“We’ve built our business and reputation over the past 134 years by giving our commercial, residential, government clients superior service and the latest technologies for added comfort,” according to Jake Mahalik, PDM VP. “After installing a furnace humidifier in Joliet IL, you will experience the difference humidified air makes on your health and on how comfortable their indoor environment suddenly feels.”

Is your home or business indoor air dry?

Low humidity levels can increase a person’s likelihood of getting colds, the flu and respiratory ailments. For individuals with allergies and asthma, dry air can aggravate the symptoms. Other health issues associated with low-humidity include: bloody noses; sore throats; itchy and cracked skin; and dry, itchy eyes. Viruses that cause colds and flu thrive in low humidity. And, according to The American Society of Otolaryngology, dry air can make people more susceptible to infection and aggravate allergy, asthma symptoms. A whole home humidifier can help.

As humidity levels drop and air dries, it causes your skin to dry through the process of evaporation. Moisture evaporating from your skin causes you to feel cooler. During winter months, the natural response to feeling cooler is to raise your thermostat to heat the air and dry it out even more. Not only does it make you feel uncomfortable, but it also increases energy bills by causing your heating system to work more.

Adding moisture to your indoor air has health benefits in addition to making your indoor air more comfortable and lowering heating bills. However, letting the air dry out too much is not the answer to safe and healthy air quality. Maintaining the proper humidity levels in your home or office benefits your skin, sinuses and respiratory system. You will also see how it prevents wood floors and wood furniture from drying out and cracking.

Remove dry winter air with a whole home humidifier.

PDM Plumbing, Heating & Cooling advises customers to control humidity levels, particularly during winter months. When HVAC systems draw cold outdoor air into buildings and heats it, this process reduces the air’s relative humidity. Installing Aprilaire and Honeywell humidifiers controls indoor relative humidity for a healthier, energy efficient and comfortable lifestyle.

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